Entering the house wire SIP: consider in detail

  1. What is wire CIP and what are its advantages
  2. Advantages of SIP wire
  3. Connection of private houses by wire CIP
  4. Conclusion

Electrical input wire CIP

CIP wire has recently gained more and more fans. Increasingly, it is used not only as a branch to enter the house, but also as a main wire on overhead power lines.

What kind of wire it is, what are its main advantages and how it can be used to connect private houses, we will consider in our article.

What is wire CIP and what are its advantages

What is wire CIP

SIP stands for "self-supporting insulated wire." As the name implies, its main difference from the already familiar wire is the presence of insulation. Light-stabilized cross-linked polyethylene is used as this, which, according to manufacturers, is ready to serve for more than 25 years.

Light-stabilized cross-linked polyethylene is used as this, which, according to manufacturers, is ready to serve for more than 25 years

The photo shows all models of wires CIP


  • At the moment on the market there are several modifications of this wire. The simplest are SIP1 and SIP 2 wire . They consist of two veins, one of which, phase, has isolation, and zero is the bearing and has no isolation. The difference between these types of wire is only the type of insulation used.

Note! There is also a CIP 2F wire, which differs from the above models as well only in the type of insulation.

  • The wire SIP 1A and SIP 2A has insulated phase and neutral wires. The differences between them are only in the type of insulation used.
  • SIP 3 wire that has only one insulated core. It is made according to the technology of steel - aluminum wire, followed by insulation coating.
  • But the lowest price is for SIP 4 wire , which has no carrier, and all four of its wires are insulated. This was achieved by using not aluminum alloys, as in other models, but pure aluminum. At the same time, the CIP 4 wire does not have carrying wires, but is attached to the wire itself.
  • Also, a SIP 5 wire , which is made two- core, is manufactured without a carrier core . All its conductors are isolated.

Advantages of SIP wire

Compared with conventional wire, CIP has many advantages. In this case, of the disadvantages can only be noted the higher cost.

For all other parameters, it significantly exceeds the old aluminum wires.

CIP wires are easy to install and operate.


  • Due to the presence of insulation, the probability of short circuits is significantly reduced due to the contact of wires during the wind or due to the ingress of foreign objects.
  • The presence of special fittings allows you to connect between the wires CIP without removing the voltage. At the same time, the accessories for fastening wires have shear heads that regulate the degree of clamping of wires.
  • The presence of insulation allows you to significantly simplify the process of installing the wire and do it yourself even for an unprepared person. After all, there is no need to use insulators.
  • Another important advantage for energy supplying enterprises is the inability to carry out “raids” and thus steal electricity. That is why the wire CIP, they are increasingly used to connect private households.
  • An important advantage is the more attractive appearance of the wire. This factor is largely decisive when choosing a wire as an input for connecting houses.

Connection of private houses by wire CIP

Entering electricity into the house with a CIP wire, although it solves a lot of problems, it does not relieve the obligation to fulfill the requirements of the Electrical Installation Code for the introduction of electricity into the house. And they for the CIP wire do not have separate instructions.

And they for the CIP wire do not have separate instructions

Cable connection to SIP wire

  • One of the main requirements defined by clause 2.1.79 of the OES is the height of the input. It must be at least 2.75 meters. At the same time to the slopes of the roof or other protruding parts of the house should be a distance of not less than 20 cm.

Note! If the height of your house does not allow you to meet these requirements, then you can enter through the roof. At the same time, to achieve the required height, installation of additional mounts is allowed. Usually, a steel pipe is used for this, through which a wire is laid into the house. She performs to the required height.

  • Also p.2.1.75 PUE normalizes the distance to the wires from the windows and balconies. Above the window, this distance should be at least 50 cm, below the window 1 meter, and in a vertical plane no closer than 75 cm. At that, the distance to the balcony from all sides should be at least 1 meter.
  • Having chosen the place for fixing the wires, you can proceed directly to the installation. Instructions for fastening wires SIP recommends the use of special valves. These include special anchor brackets, which are attached to the wall with dowel-nails. An anchor clip is attached to this bracket, which holds the wires with internal wedges.

CIP wire is attached to the house with special fittings

  • Fixing the wire between the pole and the house, you can proceed directly to the input into the house. There may be several possible options. If the input automat and the meter are located on the wall of the house, then it is better to wire the CIP with electricity only up to the input automaton. The rest of the wiring is better to perform the cable.
  • If the input machine and the counter are located in junction box inside the house, you can either connect the cable to the CIP wire, or enter the electricity in the house with a CIP wire. In any case, the input requirements are the same for all of the above options.
  • Entering the wire into the house should be carried out in metal boxes, pipes or flexible hoses. Usually use a steel pipe. According to clause 2.1.78 PUE, it should provide for the absence of the possibility of accumulation and ingress of moisture.

Note! When laying a wire or cable vertically along the wall of a wooden house, metal boxes, pipes or corrugations should be used to protect the wall of the house against fire. In extreme cases, there should be a lining of asbestos cloth between the wire and the wall.


CIP wire is quite simple and easy to use, so it is becoming more common. Connecting electricity with its help is quite simple, and due to the presence of insulation, you do not have to follow sufficiently strict standards for the distance between the wires.

Therefore, our article and video on this topic on the site should answer all your questions.


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